2017 EnterpRISE - Multi-collaborative group exhibition with Hope for the Day Foundation and Beauty & Brawn Gallery.
Workshop 4200, Chicago, IL

2017 Darger Dinner - Interactive multi-media event with SoHo House Chicago, Intuit: Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, and Beauty & Brawn Gallery.
Intuit Gallery, Chicago, IL

2017 Drawing Set - Marco Maggi's Collaborative/Interactive experiment with Esopus Magazine.
Little Underground Gallery, New York, NY.

2017 Group Performance, Live Music/Video - With Real Dom, Cheap Fantasy, Curt Oren, and Birdlabs.
Peanut Gallery, Chicago, IL.

2017 Group Exhibition and Soireé (May 24th) - With Zach Barnard & Justin Suico. Painted works, ink drawings + Live Musical/Video Performance.
Joy District, Chicago, IL.

2016 ACTIVATE 2016 - Multi-collaborative group show, Projection + Painted/Ink works.
Chicago Loop Alliance, Chicago, IL.

2015 To Conjure Another Self - Performance collaboration with Esther Baker-Tarpaga. Mr. Thursday & Heidi Wiren Bartlett.
Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, NY.

2015 First Kiss at the Mission Creek Festival - Collaboration with Jennifer Shook,
Old Capital Town Center, Iowa City, IA.

2014 Vivipary - Exhibition of ink and digital work, CSPS Legion of the Arts, Cedar Rapids, IA.

2013-2014 Microstasis - Exhibition of oil, ink and video work.
Douglas & Linda Paul Gallery, Englert, Iowa City, IA.

2012 Dyslexicon - Musical performance, Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, IA.

2012 Dyslexicon - Musical performance, The Mill, Iowa City, IA.

2011 untitled work - Exhibition, oil, sculpture, print and drawn work, RAYGUN, Iowa City, IA.

2010 Open House - Group exhibition, oil, acrylic and drawn work, White Rabbit, Iowa City, IA.

2009 Harvester - Group exhibition, oil, acrylic and drawn work, Coventry Gardens, Cedar Rapids, IA. 

2009 X-Ray Works - Exhibition of acrylic and X-ray prints, White Rabbit, Iowa City, IA. 

2008 Nock - Performance, The Mill, Iowa City, IA.



2019 Contract Artist for SoHo House Chicago’s NYE event.

2018 Contract Artist for SoHo House Chicago’s NYE event.

2015-PRESENT Video Editor at

2011-2015 Videographer, Editor, Producer, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.
Also servicing CBS Sports, MSNBC and IPTV during this time.

2014-2015 Tech/Op Assistant, ESPN, Ming Entertainment.

2008-PRESENT Graphic Design, Commissioned work, freelance.



Studio Arts (BA) with Honors, University of Iowa.

*worth noting that I was a career student and spent 8.5 years in academia taking courses willy nilly and have much more academic experience than this piece of paper states. For what it's worth.